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Boeing Lifts Crew Access Arm & White Room at SLC-41

15 Aug 2016, 23:24 UTC
Boeing Lifts Crew Access Arm & White Room at SLC-41
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Just 18 months after program managers broke ground on the new crew access tower at SLC-41, representatives from ULA, Boeing, and NASA watched today as a crane team from Hensel Pehlps lifted the Crew Access Arm and White Room into place on the 12th level of the Crew Access Tower.

ULA’s Barbara Eagan, Commercial Crew Program Manager noted the historic event: “The mate of the crew access arm and white room is an important step towards bringing human space flight back to US soil. John Glenn was the first human to orbit Earth and rode on an Atlas LC3B rocket in 1962. At this pad, the Voyager Spacecraft was launched on a Titan Centaur. The next leap to the future is to have commercial crew astronauts launch atop an Atlas V. It is a respect and an honor for ULA to send our astronauts to space.”

Boeing’s Chris Ferguson, director of Spaceflight Operations recalled that it was Gordon Cooper who last launched atop an Atlas Rocket. He called the Crew Access Tower the most visible change to the Cape Canaveral coastline since the 1960’s. The Crew Access Tower visually stands out because the launch complex is a “clean pad” with ...

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