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Walking on Red Dust

Time travel and the extended underpants

21 Jul 2016, 05:45 UTC
Time travel and the extended underpants
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In a bit over a month, I will be outside.
This perspective is exciting. Standing in the open air will likely be surrealistic. How do the sun and the wind feel, already? Is it like standing under a giant heat lamp, next to a big fan? I guess things I did not even notice before the mission will strike me.
Talking to people outside my crewmates sounds like an endless source of entertainment and learning. Driving a car again, swimming in the ocean, going to places I don’t know, having access to the whole Internet, eating fresh fruits, walking in streets, entering stores, calling friends… all this sounds extremely stimulating.
Besides things we will find back, there are those I will discover. Here, with an Internet access limited to a handful of static websites, far from social media and without the ability to talk in real time with anyone outside, we don’t know anything about the new popular songs, Internet phenomena, fashion oddities or other sources of jokes I won’t understand.
Yes, I do receive some news by email. But pieces are filtered: people mostly tell me about terrorist attacks, natural disasters and violent demonstrations, and occasionally some major cultural ...

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