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JUNO: Looking Under the Clouds

15 Jul 2016, 14:25 UTC
JUNO: Looking Under the Clouds
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On independence day weekend, I was lucky enough to be allowed to visit JPL and witness the arrival of JUNO to Jupiter. NASA is trying to get the public interested in what they do, so letting fans come and post in the social media about what they do is a win win. For more pictures on the JUNO experience or general things related to space, you can check us out on facebook at “Physics and Aerospace are Awesome“.
The JPL tour was amazing. The rover featured in the Martian was there, and many spacecraft models. They gave us the opportunity to visit the heart of the Deep Space Network, which is where all the data is transmitted and processed. Due to its centrality, that room has been named “The Center of the Universe“, and you know that if NASA says it, it must be true.
The NASA folks also showed us NASA’s eyes, a software NASA developed and that can be used by the public to see any part of the solar system, anytime. I wholeheartedly recommend it.
Of course, most of the event was spent talking about JUNO or Jupiter in one way or another. As you probably already ...

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