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July 11-17, 2016 / Vol 35, No 28 / Hawai`i Island, USA

8 Jul 2016, 20:45 UTC
July 11-17, 2016 / Vol 35, No 28 / Hawai`i Island, USA
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ISS Expedition 48 Working on 250+ Experiments, Preparing for 2 Cargo Ships
International Space Station Expedition 48 Commander Jeff Williams, Flight Engineers Oleg Skripochka and Alexey Ovchinin with the newly arrived Anatoli Ivanishin, Takuya Onishi and Kathleen Rubins are hard at work 400-km above the Earth. Each with a 4-month mission will contribute to experiments including 3D printing, rodent research, protein crystal growth, gecko gripper, Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer and seedling growth while maintaining ISS machines and exercising 2 hours a day. Russia Progress 64P is scheduled to arrive on July 19 with SpaceX Dragon CRS 9 arriving July 20. The 7.23-meter tall Progress ship can hold up to 2,350 kg of cargo and remain docked for up to 6 months before being released with waste for Earth atmospheric disintegration. Dragon is 6.1-meters tall, can carry 3,310 kg to ISS, return the same amount to Earth (of which 2,500 kg can be pressurized) and is able to remain docked up to 2 years. Following the Falcon 9 launch on July 18 SpaceX will make its second attempt at landing the first stage on land. CRS 9 will be carrying the IDA-2 docking adapter which will be installed on ISS during U.S. ...

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