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Chronicles from Concordia

Part 3. White Mars

7 Jun 2016, 11:55 UTC
Part 3. White Mars
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Floor plan of the Concordia station. Credits: IPEV
I had travelled across the world to come to my new home, Concordia Station. Now I had to get to know the place, how things worked here, and find my place among its crew. They made up the whole population of my new world.
Inland Antarctica has no permanent human settlements in the form of towns or cities, only research stations where crews come and go. What draws people to this harsh environment is not gold or oil but something even more valuable: knowledge.
During the summer months, Concordia Station is a hive of activity, with the international scientific, technical and logistical teams busy preparing for the coming winter. Concordia can host about 60 people during the short summer period, both technicians and scientists such as astronomers, glaciologists, climatologists, seismologists and physicians.
Built and operated by the French IPEV polar institute and the Italian PNRA Antarctic programme, Concordia is the only permanent European station on inland Antarctica. The site was originally selected for the stability of its ice, favourable for drilling into ancient ice cores that represent a treasure trove of climate recordings. The station consists of two towers connected by an ...

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