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Walking on Red Dust

Domemade food

18 Jun 2016, 06:55 UTC
Domemade food
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What question do you think people would ask you most often if you were taking part in a scientific simulation of a Mars misdsion? « What scientific experiments are you conducting? » « How close are we to the real journey? » « What benefits are expected for life on Earth? » No. The most frequent questions deal with what we eat, our body odor and our sex life.
It surprised me at first, but I could have expected it. After all, a mission to Mars is so far from most people’s everyday life that it can feel abstract. Yes, some readers may be interested in the mission on a purely intellectual basis, but I assume that those who are reading my posts in slippers and jogging pants, after a long day at work, would rather read about something they can relate to.
So, let’s talk about it: what’s for dinner?
No juicy barbecue ribs, unfortunately. As there is no Walmart between Earth and Mars, all the food we packed is shelf-stable. Vegetables are freeze-dried, meat comes as cubes to rehydrate, fruits are dryer that in your muesli, and orange juice is powdered – as are milk and eggs. Here ...

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