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Walking on Red Dust

Live from Mars

30 May 2016, 04:49 UTC
Live from Mars
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What musical instrument would you bring to another planet?
If you play the organ, I am sorry but your space agency may have a good laugh when you pack it. Volume is extremely limited and every kilogram pulled off Earth’s gravity may cost more than the organ itself. Plus, no offense, but if you’re planning to practice hours a day in tight quarters, you may not become the most popular shipmate.
That’s why the dome is often filled with the sound of much smaller instruments: Christiane’s harmonica and my ukulele.
If you don’t know what a ukulele is (I am mostly thinking of my French readers here), no worries. If you had asked me about it before the mission, I would probably have answered something along the lines of “Oh, yeah, isn’t it that tiny guitar played by the huge guy singing about someplace over a rainbow?” And that’s if you had found me in a good shape.
To make it short, a ukulele looks like a tiny guitar with four strings. It was developed in Hawaii in the 19th century, inspired by machetes brought by Portuguese migrants. What do you mean, it makes no sense? Oh, I see. Machetes ...

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