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2016 Mercury Transit: Video Clips

10 May 2016, 04:18 UTC
2016 Mercury Transit: Video Clips
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After starting the morning watching the transit online, there were finally a few breaks in the clouds, allowing me to capture portions of the transit myself, assembled into the video below. High wind also hampered things, making it tough to get a sharp focus and steady image, but it was still an incredible thing to watch. Equipment:60mm Parks refractor on German equatorial mountBaader film solar filter from Kendrick Astro InstrumentsOrion EQ-1M drive (for solar tracking)Nikon D7000 (attached with T-adapter)dslrDashboard on Nexus 9 tablet for remote viewing and camera controlMusic: Mercury, the Winged Messenger from The Planets by Gustav HolstCreated with iMovie on a Macbook Pro

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