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May 2-8, 2016 / Vol 35, No 18 / Hawai`i Island, USA

29 Apr 2016, 20:07 UTC
May 2-8, 2016 / Vol 35, No 18 / Hawai`i Island, USA
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Africa and Space: Astronomy Flourishing, Astronautics Focus Increasing

The South African Astroinformatics Alliance (SA3) is organizing the International Virtual Observatory Alliance IVOA Northern Spring 2016 Interoperability Meeting at the Stellenbosch Institute of Advanced Study near Cape Town, South Africa on 8-13 May 2016. The Virtual Observatory (VO) is an international community-based initiative to develop and maintain global electronic access to a suite of tools for collectively and systematically accessing and visualizing multi-wavelength data from a broad range of space and ground-based observatories. The 61st Annual conference of the South African Institute of Physics is being Jointly Hosted by the Departments of Astronomy and Physics at the University of Cape Town July 4-8. The High Energy Stereo-scopic System (HESS) in Namibia recently confirmed Sagittarius A* at Milky Way Galaxy center as most likely source for extremely high energy petaelectronvolt (PeV) cosmic gamma-rays. The Entonto Observatory and Research Center outside Addis Ababa originally developed by eager astronomers and funded by private donors has officially been handed over to state authority in Ethiopia. The country seeks to overhaul space efforts and invest in increasing the role of Space science in the economy. In Nigeria, with growing experience building and operating satellites, Minister of ...

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