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Walking on Red Dust

“Blood is flowing in your hometown”

23 Nov 2015, 02:17 UTC
“Blood is flowing in your hometown”
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[Version française sur le site de La Recherche]
Friday, November 13th. “Cyprien… you might be interested in the news”. I understand from the tone of my crewmates that something bad is happening.
I open my laptop and find an email from a friend. Paris, my home city, is being attacked by terrorists. About 50 people have been killed, others are held hostage.
I immediately ask mission support for more information. By the time my email reaches them, 20 minutes later, other attacks happen. Mission support writes back, and I read their answer another 20 minutes later. The number of deaths is now over a hundred.
Has anyone from my family, or any of my friends, been killed? We cannot use a phone here, so I send a few emails. But I know I won’t get an answer that day: it is the middle of the night in Paris.
I feel alternatively sad and angry. Sometimes both at the same time. I need to move; I ride the stationary bike until my legs are burning.
Then I want to understand. Isolated in the dome, I didn’t even know that France was involved in Syria. I ask mission support for information on ...

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