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Walking on Red Dust

Why waste money to go to space?

21 Feb 2016, 02:04 UTC
Why waste money to go to space?
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An asteroid hits Earth. A human’s last words are: “we could have prevented this”. But nobody will remember those. As nobody will remember our wars and breakthroughs, our romances, your children, or anything you ever accomplished. Everything we ever did is, within hour, forever forgotten.

If you were walking on Mars, looking at a blue sunset or exploring territories nobody has stepped on before, you would probably not question the value of it. You would know and feel that you are doing the right thing. But as you are not, you may wonder whether Mars exploration, or the exploration of space in general, is worth it. You might think something I often hear: aren’t there problems to solve on Earth before going further? Wouldn’t our money be better spent here to benefit everyone, than wasted in space to please a minority? (Those are actually politically corrected versions of the sometimes hateful comments I usually hear; I know some kids are reading my posts).
If you think space programs are a waste of money, you are probably not very sensitive to the great scientific advances it leads to. You ...

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