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Week 1 at the HI-SEAS Habitat!

6 Apr 2014, 20:08 UTC
Week 1 at the HI-SEAS Habitat!
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The first official week of the 4 month HI-SEAS mission occurred Saturday April 5th and was celebrated with a much needed day of half rest. Week one was filled with setting up our new home and adjusting our mind sets from instantly having knowledge only an internet search away to informational access being a full 20 minute delay one way. After the initial period of adjustment the crew busily began settling in and connected internal network servers, repaired Extra Vehicular Activity suits, catalogues and stored our 4 month stockpile of food, began the Trash to Gas experiment from KSC, performed our first few EVAs focused on repair and scientific data collection, and began to setup the lighting to grow our own food. I can’t wait for fresh lettuce, yummy!!!
The main study focuses on group cohesion and performance metrics and was funded by NASA; this 4 month study is the shortest of three isolation studies to occur here at the HI-SEAS habitat the other studies being 8 months and 12 months in duration. The crew is international and consists of one Canadian researcher, one French researcher, and 4 American researchers all from different backgrounds with a common love of space ...

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