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In the last stretch of the HI-SEAS Mission

7 Jul 2014, 23:22 UTC
In the last stretch of the HI-SEAS Mission
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Hello,Well time has once again escaped me and the rest of the HI-SEAS crew as we find ourselves with 19 days left inside our simulated Martian home. As we begin to wrap up all of our projects, papers, and final outreach activities the crew has achieved a state jovial exhaustion coupled with some mild panic at the growing to do lists.Even with our long days and short nights the crew has still been finding time to explore the local terrain and this morning performed a sunrise EVA to explore some lava tubes and skylights about a mile from the habitat. Our trek started early at about 4:00 AM with myself and three other crew members climbing to the top of the 100ft cinder cone next to our habitat for some sunrise photos.

Photos never quite capture that extra awe inspiring quality.
After taking several minutes to appreciate the uniqueness of this situation, I am literally in an analog planetary exploration suit, watching the sunrise over the slopes of Mauna Loa Volcano, with my analog Martian habitat in the background. There are some moments you will never forget and although I am not sure that this will be one of them ...

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