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A New Look at the Ancient History of Mars

4 Mar 2016, 03:00 UTC
A New Look at the Ancient History of Mars
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Blame it On the Tilt
This is what the planet Mars must have looked like 4 billion years ago, according to a new study published this week. The poles were in a different position and precipitation in a south tropical band resulted in river networks. At the same time, active volcanoes enabled the Tharsis dome to grow, tilting the Martian surface after fluvial activity ended (3.5 billion years ago).
Staying on the topic of Mars this week, here’s a look at a new way of looking at the Red Planet’s ancient past. We all know that Mars has been an enigma for centuries, even as planetary scientists have learned more about it through robotic explorations. Still, after more than 50 years of space missions to Mars, we still have questions. Where’s the water? Where WAS the water? When did it flow? What made it flow? Was there a cataclysmic event that changed the face of the planet forever? As it turns out,there may be an idea that helps answer all those questions.
A group of French scientists blames a gigantic structure called the Tharsis Bulge for some of Mars’s most impressive mysteries. They say that Mars experienced a curious “tilt” ...

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