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223rd AAS Meeting in Washington, D. C.

22 Jan 2014, 15:00 UTC
223rd AAS Meeting in Washington, D. C.
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Twice a year, the American Astronomical Society holds professional meetings covering a broad range of research and education topics. This January’s meeting was held in Washington, D. C. at the National Harbor. I wouldn’t be surprised if it broke previous attendance records, with almost 3200 people on the official registration list. Rachel Somerville giving the Heineman Prize Lecture. Photo credit: Joson Images/ AASCANDELS scientists had a very strong representation at this meeting. Rachel Somerville won the Heineman Prize and gave a lecture entitled, “The Formation of Galaxies and Supermassive Black Holes: Insights and Puzzles.” Meanwhile, Jennifer Lotz held a press conference on the release of data from a new ultra-deep, wide-field imaging survey that she is leading known as the Hubble Space Telescope Frontier Fields (see the image from their press-release below).  There was also a CANDELS special session which included 4 talks and 10 posters on CANDELS results, as well as 22 other CANDELS-related talks and poster presentations throughout the course of the meeting.HST Frontier Field Abell 2744.  Image credit: NASA, ESA, and J. Lotz, M. Mountain, A. Koekemoer, and the HFF Team (STScI).People go to the AAS for a variety of reasons. As one of the largest gatherings of astronomers, it is ...

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