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CANDELS Detects First Light Galaxies

23 Sep 2015, 15:00 UTC
CANDELS Detects First Light Galaxies
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This is a guest post by Ketron Mitchell-Wayne, graduate student at the University of California-Irvine. He and other CANDELS team member recently published a paper in Nature. This paper was the subject of a recent press release. Here, Ketron describes the project and the role that he played.The cosmic extragalactic background light is a product of many different component emissions throughout all cosmic times. Recent CANDELS observations have opened up a new window of opportunity for measuring this cosmic background light at optical and near infrared wavelengths. We have assembled Hubble frames taken over a 10 year period and mosaiced them to produce some of the deepest images suitable for such a study. With the mosaics, we can study this diffuse, clumpy light that resides behind all the resolved stars and galaxies in the mosaics. With statistics, we have attributed a fraction of this diffuse background to the first light galaxies during reionization. Here's a short summary of the work that I did, over the course of two years, in order to make these very interesting measurements.My main job for this paper was generating the mosaics and making the statistical measurements. I started working on the data reduction in the ...

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