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Martian Science at the Movies

1 Mar 2016, 04:39 UTC
Martian Science at the Movies
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The Martian Didn’t Win, But…
It was disappointing that The Martian didn’t win any statuettes at the Oscars this year, but not surprised. Other than the total homage that Hollywood gave “Gravity” a few years ago, it’s tough for a movie with a science theme to garner a lot of mainstream support. I was rather amused that The Martian did get a “Best Comedy” nod from the Golden Globes — I suppose it was kind of funny in spots, but still, that was a rather surprising way to characterize the film.
Still, it did please me to see that the action-adventure movie about a guy who gets left on Mars and has to survive on potatoes for a few years did garner some positive attention from the Academy, even if it didn’t eventually win. Science is a big part of our technological society. Our lives depend on the output of science in many ways. So, having a positive nod was a good thing.
It’ll Be Hard Out There for a Mars Astronaut
Mars explorers in a harsh, familiar, and challenging environment. Courtesy NASA.
The one thing the movie did with great beauty was show us how challenging the Mars environment ...

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