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Chronicles from Concordia

Berlin, we have a problem

11 Feb 2016, 14:54 UTC
Berlin, we have a problem
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“Okay, Berlin, we’ve had a problem here.” Concordia 2016
White Mars Credits: ESA/IPEV/PNRA-E. Kaimakamis
Taken from ESA-sponsored medical doctor in Antarctica Floris van den Berg's personal blog:
People often refer to Concordia as the “White Mars”, and not just because of the harsh winter extremes, but also due to its remote location. It is completely inaccessible for nine months a year, and in the three summer months that it is possible to travel here, it’s still quite a journey before the Two Towers emerge from the miles and miles of snow and ice.
Credits: ESA-F. van den Berg
For the BONE study, a mobile CT-scanner had to make the long journey to Antarctica, and you can only imagine my excitement to unbox my new ‘toy’. That excitement was quickly dampered when I opened the box and saw the damage. Somewhere on the way from Berlin, maybe while being shipped to New Zealand or flown to Mario Zucchelli station, possibly on the final flight to the Concordia Station, a forklift drove 30 cm into my precious cargo and destroyed the front of ‘my’ new CT-scanner.
“Okay, Berlin, we have a problem”
Just like in space, you can technically call a repair ...

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