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He said, she said, and what the dictionary said

31 Jan 2016, 01:56 UTC
He said, she said, and what the dictionary said
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Friend! When a woman answers your question, don't believe her; but if she keeps silence, believe her even less.(Polish proverb from Women in Proverbs Worldwide http://www.womeninproverbsworldwide.com/ )He said, she saidThere's an aphorism frequently applied to rape cases. In the absence of witnesses, detectable physical injury or, these days, DNA evidence, people say it comes down to a matter of "he said, she said". At which point they throw up their hands and exclaim it's too hard: what are we to do?But think about it. Although the words are symmetrical, this is not a balanced equation. The problem is not what he said. It's what she said. Because she is likely to lie or exaggerate. And if you believe her, a man's life will be ruined. Only, in reality, she is more likely to be disbelieved, and his life is rarely ruined. Her life, clearly, is of lesser consequence. This is because women's speech, how it sounds, what they say, and its relation to "truth", is suspect and problematic. There is no similar expectation that men will lie about committing rape or sexual harassment. Everyone, on the contrary, is in a hurry to believe them. They're a "good man",  they wouldn't hurt ...

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