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Systemic - Characterizing Extrasolar Planetary Systems

“That star is not on the map!”

26 Jan 2016, 19:07 UTC
“That star is not on the map!”
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“Yet its presence has been felt, trembling on the far-reaching lines of analysis.”
Readers of Systemic certainly need no introduction to what I’m writing about.
According to the Astronomical Journal’s website, Konstantin’s paper with Mike Brown has been downloaded a staggering 243,547 times in the past five days. To the best of my knowledge, this is perhaps the only time that an autonomous Hamiltonian derived by transferring to a frame co-precessing with the apsidal line of a perturbing object, and simplified by a canonical change of variables arising from a type-2 generating function, has been subject to download numbers rivaled only by the likes of Adele, Justin Bieber, and Flo Rida.

A frigid as-yet undiscovered Solar System planet with ten times the mass of Earth. Its twenty thousand year orbit is eccentric, it languishes at aphelion, drifting slowly among the spray of background stars. Its cloud tops glow in the far infrared, a mere 40 Kelvin above absolute zero. At the far point of its orbit it is invisible to WISE in all its incarnations, and far fainter than the 2MASS limits. Obscure. In the optical, it reflects the rays of the distant Sun to shine in the twenty ...

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