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January 18-24, 2016 / Vol 35, No 3 / Hawai`i Island, USA

15 Jan 2016, 20:50 UTC
January 18-24, 2016 / Vol 35, No 3 / Hawai`i Island, USA
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Galacticity and the 21st Century

Galacticity, or galaxy awareness and energy, is developing as a primary, lead understanding and force for 21st Century opportunities, resources and realization. As awareness generated by Multi World Species realities of the Apollo Moon missions fifty years ago, and now by Mars settlement visions, Galacticity with its magnitudinal potential and implications is coming of age in higher science research and in college, secondary, primary and pre school education, less than a century after Edwin Hubble’s revolutionary Galaxy / galaxies discoveries. Our Milky Way Galaxy may be considered and studied through five elementary perspectives: Size, Speed, Life, Learn, Use. Size (Vitals, Superlatives) – 200-400 billion stars, trillions of worlds, 100,000 light-years across, 1-3 trillion solar masses. Speed (Physics, Revolutions) – Earth rotates 1,600 kph at equator, Earth orbits Sun at 108,000 kph, Sun orbits MWG every 250 million years, all traveling on 4th dimensional space-time helix. Life (Starlife in the Galaxy) – The Galaxy, quite logically, is teeming with life, or it is all ours / humankind’s: either way, though vastly differing, the implications are mind-boggling. Learn (Education) – 21st Century Galaxy Education (above); space agencies Macroplanning. Use (Uses, Applications). We are all in, part of ...

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