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Space Age Archaeology

Space Age Archaeology: A Retro-blog-spective

2 Jan 2016, 10:56 UTC
Space Age Archaeology: A Retro-blog-spective
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Just because it's the New Year, I've decided to make a list of my most-read posts from each year since 2004, when I started this blog.2004: Flying Saucers at Woomera  In September, I was researching Australian space history at the National Archives office in Adelaide. This was in the days when you sat there for hours furiously scribbling notes in pencil until your fingers bled. One of the files I looked at was the (formerly) secret UFO file from Woomera. What I discovered in this file gave me pause for thought....2005:  The Little LemonRacehorses and space. You wouldn't think there was a connection, would you? However....this is what happened when my father tried to name a racehorse after Laika the dog during the Cold War.2006:  Space biscuits and recognition for space archaeologyOnce upon a time in the dim past of internet history there was a lovely man called Nicey who ran a website devoted to tea, biscuits, and sit downs. It was called, appropriately, Nice Cup of Tea and A Sit Down. It was charming and funny and full of biscuits (proper Commonwealth biscuits, not the American version of the scone), and they loved space archaeology! I wonder what happened to ...

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