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The big lie of social justice

16 Dec 2015, 16:37 UTC
The big lie of social justice
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Cover of “Hogfather” by Terry Pratchett, one of my favorite books.
One of my personal holiday traditions involves reading Terry Pratchett’s novel Hogfather. Strictly speaking, Hogfather is a Christmas book: the Hogfather of the title is the Santa Claus/Father Christmas figure in Pratchett’s imaginary flat planet Discworld, and the Hogswatchnight festival plays the role of Christmas. As usual with Pratchett, the story is wide-ranging and hard to describe without sounding a little unhinged. One of the main characters is Death, who steps in to deliver presents to the children of the world after someone tries to kill the Hogfather, but the story revolves around the meaning and nature of belief. The stakes of the Hogfather’s existence end up being far higher than a few children receiving gifts: the fate of the world itself is in the balance if the Hogfather ceases to be. (This description doesn’t really cover it, and definitely doesn’t describe how laugh-out-loud funny Pratchett can be.)
The key passage of the novel occurs near the end, when Death explains why he took over as Hogfather to his granddaughter Susan (which is a long story in itself). Death’s dialogue is in small capitals, indicating he sounds like the ...

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