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Random Thoughts: SBSP for All-Electric Aircraft?

2 Dec 2015, 17:35 UTC
Random Thoughts: SBSP for All-Electric Aircraft?
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I haven’t blogged about Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) much. At least not as much as Chris and some of my other cobloggers. While I try to be non-dismissive of ideas like this, I’ve never been able to convince myself that SBSP is going to make sense for terrestrial ground-power applications. As I’ve observed Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactor fission work pushed by former co-blogger Kirk Sorensen at Flibe Energy, and “new fusion” concepts being pushed by my friends at Helion Energy (and other groups at Lockheed, TriAlpha, and several other companies), I can’t help but think that at least one of these concept is going to pan out. If it does, I just don’t see how space based solar power is going to compete with small, local reactors, especially if the Helion guys make their concept work. It would be awesome if there were markets for SBSP though, because those are potential big drivers for all the sorts of in-space infrastructure (RLVs, depots, lunar mining, ISRU, etc) that us space fanboys like. So, I was trying to think of places where SBSP would actually be useful in a world where “new nuclear” (fission or fusion) pans out.
After thinking about it ...

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