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Mars Express and the Story of Water on Mars

30 Nov 2015, 19:25 UTC
Mars Express and the Story of Water on Mars
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Looking for Evidence of Mars Water
A 3D image of Aurorae Chaos and Ganges Chasma from Mars Express. Courtesy ESA.
I haven’t written about Mars lately, and since I’m still gathering material for my annual “gift” column, let’s look at the Red Planet. I got a press release from the Mars Express mission (run by the European Space Agency), talking about a region that connects the great Valles Marineris to nearby lowlands. If you ever get a chance to go to Mars (and that could be a distinct possibility for some in the next generation of explorers, Valles Marineris should be a “must see” stopping point. It’s a huge collection of canyons carved out by various geological processes on the Red Planet. Flooding certainly seems to have played a role there, so scientists have focused on the landforms in the regions in and around the Valles Marineris to see how they might have been created. I would imagine that future explorers will head there as soon as they can to get a better and more in-depth understanding of this fascinating region.
A Vision of Formerly Wet Chaos
Mars Express sent back an image of a region called Aurora Chaos, looks ...

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