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XCOR Thoughts

24 Nov 2015, 04:55 UTC
XCOR Thoughts
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For those of you who read my blog but somehow hadn’t heard the news already, three of XCOR Aerospace’s four founders left the suborbital rocket startup this past week. I got a notification last week on LinkedIn about Dan DeLong leaving, but found out today via Twitter and a press release from XCOR that Jeff Greason and Aleta Jackson had both left as well. For some reason this news feels like a little bit of a gut punch, so I feel like sharing some of my rambling, semi-coherent thoughts on the subject.
I’ve been following XCOR since they first started in 1999. I was barely 19 at the time, and had been interacting with (arguing with) Doug Jones, Jeff Greason, and Dan DeLong on the sci.space.* usenet groups for about three years by that point. I remember John Hare sending me an email while I was in the town of Bolinao on my mission (shortly before 9/11) with pictures of the EZRocket’s first flights. I remember crashing on XCOR’s hangar floor the night before watching SpaceShipOne’s first flight (and being terrified by how much that building creaks in the Mojave winds). I remember being grateful for all the legwork XCOR ...

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