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The impostor, the science writer, and Terry Pratchett

25 Oct 2015, 20:43 UTC
The impostor, the science writer, and Terry Pratchett
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People ask me if I feel naked without my hat. The answer is no. I feel naked without, say, my trousers, but if you walk down the street without wearing a hat, the police take very little interest at all. But, yes…I’ve grown very attached to the hat, over the years. — Terry Pratchett, A Slip of the Keyboard
Portrait of the con-man, with his trademark bowler hat. [Credit: Tony Hitchcock.]I wear a lot of hats. If you see me at a conference or other event I’m attending professionally, it’s likely I’ll be wearing my bowler hat, which is sort of my trademark. My hats are even in my standard biography, the one I supply to places I write. Though the bowler is my signature as a science writer, it’s too warm and heavy for daily wear, so my usual choice is a fedora[1] or flat cap. I even own a few baseball caps, most of which I got for free, but you won’t see me in those unless I’m really aiming to go incognito.
The bowler hat, though: that’s on my business cards, and in my professional photos.[2] If I take it off during an event, people ask me ...

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