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#SC15HACK Team: “The Great Filter” Board Game

24 Oct 2015, 20:02 UTC
#SC15HACK Team: “The Great Filter” Board Game
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#SC15HACK Board Game Team (left-to-right): Tiffany-Marie Austin, Tony Faddoul, Chad Ostrowski.
Our team at #sc2015hack set out to design a board game.
The initial board game description, as created by Chad, was:
As beings of a fledgling spacefaring civilization, you and fellow players must learn to cooperate, avoid home planet destruction, and settle other star systems before global cataclysm renders your species extinct.

Friday, the first night
Chad wanted to make this a cooperative game, where all players work together, rather than a more traditional competitive game. If humanity is going to do big things like explore and settle other star systems, or even prevent the premature destruction of our own planet’s human habitability, we will need to learn to cooperate with each other!
Tiffany and Tony had not previously played a cooperative game, so Friday night was our “research night” during which we played the award-winning cooperative board game Pandemic (and drank real beer that tasted like root beer).
Competitive or cooperative?
On Saturday, with the limited time we had, we attempted to get down to business. We were joined by Bruno this evening. Bruno had never played a cooperative game, either, so we started out talking a little ...

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