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Galileo's Pendulum

Why I missed my five-year anniversary

7 Oct 2015, 19:00 UTC
Why I missed my five-year anniversary
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My writing style, summarized.
September 2015 marked my fifth year of blogging, which is funny to think about now. Despite my start as a blogger (like many professional science writers in this era), I don’t blog very often anymore. My previous post was an homage to my grandmother written in early July, and the prior post to that was a webcomic I created in June. In a real sense, I’m not a blogger anymore, and that’s not a bad thing: the main reason I don’t post at “Galileo’s Pendulum” more often is because other publications are paying me to write, whereas this blog is unpaid labor, a luxury. And there’s another reason, which I’ll come back to later in this post.
Five years ago, I was teaching at a small liberal-arts college. One class I taught was a course for non-scientists, which I had some freedom to design, so we examined four forms of pseudoscience that are prevalent in American culture: astrology, psychic abilities, “scientific” racism, and Creationism (both young-Earth and “intelligent design” Creationism). Since I was requiring my students to write essays as part of the class, I decided I should have to do some essay-writing myself, so I ...

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