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Anti-radiation Biological Countermeasures: Amifostine

16 Sep 2015, 01:41 UTC
Anti-radiation Biological Countermeasures: Amifostine
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Whenever human spaceflight comes up, inevitably someone mentions radiation. Personally, I think the radiation risk is WAY overblown. “Compound conservatism” is rampant, I believe, and gets worse as time goes on and people keep recycling the same sources, adding some safety factor each time. (see here for a slightly longer explanation) Being extra conservative with radiation risk assessment eventually can cause an estimate for the tolerable risk that’s completely detached from reality, leaving very little budget left to deal with the other, much bigger risks if there’s even any money left to do the mission at all!
If we followed EVERYONE’s conservative advice for radiation risk, we’d be asking astronauts to fly in a giant sphere of polyethylene with no windows, hardly any room, and no EVAs ever (no “one small step” moment because of the risk of radiation, let alone a colony). We certainly wouldn’t be flying to ISS as we are now.
That aside, we can look at what IS a reasonably feasible and low-mass approach to dealing with radiation. Instead of the usual water or polyethylene or regolith shielding or magnetic shielding, I will look at a somewhat over-looked option: biological countermeasures. Radiation is, of course, often ...

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