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#SC15HACK Team: What is a Starship?

11 Sep 2015, 13:01 UTC
#SC15HACK Team: What is a Starship?
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Interstellar Hackathon Topic: What is a Starship?
Interstellar Hackers: Rachel Armstrong, Mike Mongo, Oz Monroe, Damien Turchi, Damion Waltermeyer,

When we start to examine the principles and details of the kinds of structures and infrastructures that may enable us to inhabit new solar systems – what exactly are engineering and we designing?
At first, this might seem like a fatuous question.
From the outset, a starship has been imagined as a vessel that transports matter from one place to another. For example, Robert H. Goddard first proposed the idea of space arks in 1918 when he wrote The Last Migration, envisaging the need for an “interstellar ark” the help humanity avoid escape the death of the Sun. The sleeping crew would awaken centuries later to find themselves in another star system. This sleeper ship concept is different to a generational starship, or worldship, that carries its own environment. In 1928 Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky first described such artificial worlds in The Future of Earth and Mankind, where he described a space colony that traveled for centuries through space on a vessel called “Noah’s Ark”.
Yet, in an age of robotically operated probes and advanced communications system, what exactly ...

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