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2H15 A Good Time for Geeking Out

9 Sep 2015, 16:21 UTC
2H15 A Good Time for Geeking Out
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I have to say the last half of this year is a great time to be a space/sci-fi/RPG nerd:

July: New Horizons successfully completes Pluto Flyby
August: Shadowrun HongKong by HareBrained Schemes comes out
September: HareBrained Schemes planning to launch a Kickstarter for a Battletech tactical Mech combat game for the PC
October: The Martian movie hits the theaters
November: Not sure, but possibly the SpaceX return to flight, and maybe if we’re lucky their first successful F9R first stage landing?
December: Star Wars Episode 7 hits the theaters — hopefully JJ Abrams does a better job with this than Lucas did with the prequels…

I’m sure there are other things that ought to be on the list, but we have at least one serious geek-out moment per month this year. That is all.

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