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Icarus Interstellar Membership Program is LIVE

16 Aug 2015, 18:29 UTC
Icarus Interstellar Membership Program is LIVE
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Icarus Interstellar “First 100″ Charter membership. Reward is for the First 100 enrolled members of Icarus Interstellar. All the First 100 will be known as Charter Members of Icarus Interstellar. Like ALL members of the Icarus Interstellar membership program—aka “Icarii”—Charter members will be assigned a personal enrollment number to be issued on first-come, first-serve basis and is permanent. Members enrollment numbers are given individually one-time and afterwards are non-recyclable.
To make this process as fair and equal as possible to all NO ENROLLMENT NUMBERS ARE HELD—ENROLLMENT NUMBERS ARE ISSUED FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. Obviously, the lower a member’s enrollment number the earlier their enrollment and the longer their commitment to interstellar space exploration, to the BUILD A STARSHIP ethos, and to Icarus Interstellar. To honor the bold and foresightful commitment of Icarus Interstellar’s First 100, all 100 Charter Icarii members will receive:
– Icarus Interstellar Icarii membership card featuring First 100 designation; – Personalized stainless steel Icarus Interstellar Icarii Dog Tags embossed with name, year of enrollment, and enrollment number; – Special-edition Icarus Interstellar metal alloy key chain & dongle embossed with personal enrollment number and the icarusinterstellar.org/found URL; – Letter of Recognition of Charter member status signed by all ...

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