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Creating Universes

12 Aug 2015, 02:38 UTC
Creating Universes
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Enabling Dome Explorations
Occasionally I switch hats from being a writer of astronomy and space science “stuff” to being a “creator” of other worlds and galaxies. This week is one of those times. I’m taking software training in some packages that help animators create worlds, stars, galaxies, and nebulae, and place them in fulldome planetarium software systems. It’s intense work, and I will by no means be an animator when I’m finished, but it’s a start!
It’s also a LOT of fun!
Fulldome shows are all the vogue now at many planetarium facilities, and with the advent of digital video some years ago, all the scenes that used to play out in my head as I WROTE shows are now possible as full animated sequences that fill the dome with amazing visualizations. It’s kind of fun to be on THIS end of the creation pipeline, seeing how to make dreams and ideas real.
Been to a planetarium lately? If not, why not? The visions of the universe await you — from live star talks to fully realized and rendered explorations of the cosmos. Get out there and support your local dome! It’s the least you can do while I’m here ...

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