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Borg Cube Spotted Near Solar Limb

28 Dec 2009, 06:10 UTC
Borg Cube Spotted Near Solar Limb
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There I was idly checking out SpaceWeather.com, seeing whether there was any sunspot activity going on… and then I saw this. At first, I assumed it was a highly symmetrical sunspot, but no! It was something far more sinister, but I didn’t recognize the hallmark signature. Neal Wiser saw it instantly and informed me via Twitter. A Borg Cube!

Of course it isn’t a Borg Cube (it’s just missing data), but this little Twitter joviality reminded me of the 2012/Planet X doomsday conspiracy theorists who seem to have the uncanny ability to read anything into, well, anything. Take the observations made by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) which have been used over and over again as “proof” that UFOs and other scary things are orbiting the Sun, preparing for Armageddon… or the next Star Trek movie.
Oh look! SOHO has spotted a star! A comet! With wings!! Hold on? Isn’t that just an effect of saturated CCD pixels? No? Okay, it must be aliens then.
Post from: Astroengine.comBorg Cube Spotted Near Solar Limb

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