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New Horizons Discovers Second Mountain Range On Pluto

22 Jul 2015, 18:49 UTC
New Horizons Discovers Second Mountain Range On Pluto
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NASA has discovered a second mountain range within Pluto’s ‘heart.’

New Horizons has revealed a second set of mountains in the southwestern margin of Pluto’s heart-shaped feature. The image, revealed on Tuesday, shows the mountains lie in between a dark, heavily cratered region to the west and bright, icy plains to the east.

The newly discovered mountains rise approximately a half-mile to one mile above the surface, making them considerably smaller than the ice mountains uncovered by New Horizons last week, which are the size of the Rocky Mountains. The new mountain range is roughly the size of the Appalachian Mountains. [Read more: New Horizons Discovers Ice Mountains On Pluto]

The region depicted in the image lies 68 miles northwest of the first mountain range and is just to the west of the icy plains recently discovered by New Horizons. The plains, informally named Sputnik Planum — meaning Sputnik Plains — are estimated to be no more than 100 million years old and may still geologically active. [Read more: New Horizons Discovers Icy Plains In The Center Of Pluto's Frozen Heart]

This image return by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft shows a second mountain range on Pluto approximately the size ...

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