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Pluto Wows Us All

15 Jul 2015, 16:46 UTC
Pluto Wows Us All
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Now the Fun Begins!
The team gathers for their victory celebration after a successful signal acquisition and health check of New Horizons after flyby. Image by Carolyn Collins Petersen in the midst of pandemonium.
Well. Today is the first day of the post-Pluto reconnaissance world. We now have nine explored planets, thanks to New Horizons. It showed us a LOT about what Pluto is like and there’s more to come! You should really keep your eyes on the New Horizons web site over the next year and a half, as the mission team releases new images and reports on their other major data streams about the planet and its moons. Of course, I’ll write about it, too. The story is just too tantalizing to ignore. It’s THAT good.
The Experience of Pluto on Flyby Day
Yesterday was a tour de force. We were there beginning around 7 a.m., where we witnessed the moment of flyby with 1,500 other family members of the team, friends of the team, and other dignitaries. It was exhilirating in a way that I can’t fully describe, but imagine waiting for YEARS to get something, you finally get it, and the moment is SO full of ...

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