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The Mars Society

NOW ONLINE: 2015 Mars Society Convention Itinerary

13 Jul 2015, 14:43 UTC
NOW ONLINE: 2015 Mars Society Convention Itinerary
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The full program itinerary for the 18th Annual International Mars Society Convention has been posted online. The conference will include a series of plenary talks, panel discussions and public debates involving leading experts, scientists and policymakers discussing the latest news on Mars exploration and planning for a human mission to the Red Planet. Join us at our international convention, scheduled for August 13-16, 2015 at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. Convention highlights include:+ An address by Director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division Jim Green on U.S. planning for Mars exploration.+ A public debate between Mars One founder Bas Lansdorp and two MIT graduate research fellows.+ A talk with Google Vice President & Internet pioneer Dr. Vint Cerf on long-term planning for Mars and beyond.+ A special banquet address by science writer and author Andy Weir on his book, “The Martian.”+ A briefing by the Heritage Foundation’s Dean Cheng on China’s space policy and program.+ An update by NASA’s Dr. Bruce Jakosky on the MAVEN Mars orbiter mission.+ A discussion by the Atlantic Council’s Dr. Bhrath Gopalaswamy on current and future planning for India’s space program.+ A public debate on the future of human spaceflight involving former Apollo ...

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