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An Oddly Alien-Looking Visage of Pluto

12 Jul 2015, 03:08 UTC
An Oddly Alien-Looking Visage of Pluto
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Take a Long Last Look at THIS Side of Pluto!
The Charon-facing side of Pluto is showing some incredibly diverse landscape features just two days from flyby! Courtesy NASA-JHUAPL-SWRI
Wow. I got off the plane today heading to Pluto Central and was greeted with tweets and retweets of the latest image of Pluto from New Horizons. And, what a weird place it’s showing us. It reminded me of an alien Plutonian Cthulu, or maybe even a frozen Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Polygons and dark regions, circular landscape features — all on the Charon-facing side of Pluto. And, doesn’t THAT beg a lot of questions about why it looks like that! We talked about it over dinner tonight, speculating about the processes that are causing the surface features and asking ourselves, “Does Charon have anything to do with the way Pluto looks? And, if so, what’s happening?”
I suspect we’ll hear more in the next couple of days about what those processes might be and how they’d work. So, I won’t speculate about that. But, I will say that this world is just delivering more and better surprises each day. Just to give you an idea, the large dark areas you see ...

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