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The redwings left today

5 Jul 2015, 21:03 UTC
The redwings left today
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[Credit: Alan D. Wilson]My grandmother, Norma Francis, died early yesterday morning. Her health had been in rapid decline for the last few weeks, so we were expecting the worst, but there’s still no shaking the loss. That entire generation of family is vanishing — all four of my grandparents and many of their siblings.
We called her Grammy, though I think she disliked that nickname; she signed cards and letters as “Gram”. She was a bird- and book-lover, surrounding her house with bird feeders and lining her rooms with bookshelves. She loved to travel when she could manage it, and to try new foods. I come by my coffee addiction legitimately: she seemed to always have a pot of coffee on and a mug near to hand. (She did, however, sometimes drink cold coffee, something I’ve never been able to stand.)
I feel a little odd writing this because Grammy was always an unsentimental person. She left her body for medical research; once when I visited her, she told me she had never felt the need to visit my grandfather’s grave because it wasn’t really him there. Her last birthday card to me (there’s a sad phrase) was cheerfully grouchy ...

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