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Pluto from your backyard

26 Jun 2015, 00:21 UTC
Pluto from your backyard
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Pluto has always been on my "Astronomical Bucket List" to observe. Although I still have to make my visual observation using my "big-gun" Apertura AD12, my general observing for at least the last year and a half has been almost exclusively done via "Electronically Assisted Astronomy" and from my home site. Pluto visually is doable with a 12" aperture, but I need some nice dark skies and I just don't get out that way much anymore, especially during the week."Electronically Assisted Observing", as I prefer to call it, affords me the ability to use filters and exposures to cut through the majority of my light pollution, and observe faint objects that would elude me even with larger aperture from my local site. My weapon of choice from home is my trusty C8. I have two options to do my observing with it; the Mallincam Jr Pro and my Lodestar X2 M.The Lodestar has become my weapon of choice for a few different reasons. One is it's such a simple setup over the JrPro. The JrPro is an analog device, so I need the control cable, the power cable, and the video cable. Plus, I need to have the capture devices, ...

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