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Lap Construction

16 Jun 2015, 09:25 UTC
Lap Construction
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probationary second string substitute apprentice relief bloggers’ helper in training john hare
Everybody that reads my posts knows that I think most people get way too complicated with launch assist platforms. In my post last week I suggested a really inexpensive platform that was a flying wing powered by a pair of very large cage Jets. I didn’t justify how I felt it would be such low-cost. I’m going to try to do that in this post.
The cage Jets I suggested would be on the order of 60 feet in diameter. This large, they would have an RPM on the order 600. This large, they would be of a size useful to power plants. If they were useful for power plants, then there would be enough production to get the cost down. It is ironic that the larger the engine of this nature, the easier it is to maintain clearances and margins.
The blades would all be a single profile which could be extruded, cut, and locked into the wheels. By making the blades and all the other parts very simple, cost comes down. By making it very large, inspection is by people walking around inside the engine checking ...

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