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Lunar Supplied Material Propulsion Question

15 Jun 2015, 08:21 UTC
Lunar Supplied Material Propulsion Question
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probationary second string substitute apprentice relief blogger in training john hare
I had a thought on a concept that’s even weirder the most the ones that I have. I have long thought that the most useful product the moon has its’ energy of position. Finding a way to use that energy of position is the problem.
I have suggested inverse aero braking, which is lunar volatiles in an earth grazing trajectory smacking the heatshield of a suborbital vehicle to raise it orbital velocity.
A concept that seems popular is having rotovators in Earth orbit. The rotovators can pick up suborbital vehicles and accelerate them to escape velocity. They can also collect incoming payloads from the moon and other parts of the solar system and lower them to suborbital velocity. The momentum exchange could balance out lifting payload from earth and accepting payload from other parts of the solar system and the moon with a net zero use of propellant.
This is another concept entirely. If a volatile unit from the moon was placed in an earth grazing trajectory, and that unit smacked a volatile unit in a vehicle on a suborbital trajectory from the earth in the opposite direction, the ...

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