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SpaceX Downselect by Senate?

14 Jun 2015, 16:59 UTC
SpaceX Downselect  by Senate?
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Second string substitute apprentice relief blogger in training john hare
The various antics of our elected officials in Washington tend to bring into question their motives and loyalties. The commercial crew cuts by the house that were cut even further by the senate seem to be a gambit to downselect to a single provider. Boeing being the likely selectee.
One problem with this is that commercial crew is heavily politicized. A down select to one will cause outcry from the other. So there will likely be some form of compromise unless the full senate increases the item toward the original request. If the commercial crew budget stays low however, and they try to split it up in some seemingly fair manner, Boeing will push the schedule out by years. If pushed out enough years, their participation will become visibly non viable. Somewhere around that point, Boeing could be encouraged to walk away from commercial crew as too much trouble. That would be more or less a voluntary downselect. If there is a functional downselect to SpaceX this way, seemingly by accident, the senate and house could in good conscious reduce item funding to $600M or so and brag about the ...

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