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Custom LAP

13 Jun 2015, 20:48 UTC
Custom LAP
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Second string substitute apprentice relief blogger john hare.
In my last post I described a new type of turbojet based on my cage jet of years ago. The engine I described has the capability of good thrust and good fuel economy which is ideal for launch assist platforms. Launch assist platforms want to have the capability of lifting very heavy loads off runway, and taking them to very high altitudes, and pitching up in a gamma maneuver that allows near vertical launch of the orbital vehicle. Sometimes they want to cruise to a particular launch location and cruise back to base.
In order to reduce upfront investment, most of us start by looking at existing aircraft that can be modified for our purposes. That is almost certainly the way to get started, but has the problem of limiting our capabilities to that of whatever carrier aircraft is selected. The problem with designing our own Launch Assist Platform Aircraft, is that it adds a tremendous amount of expense to a project is almost always funds limited. To date, the launch assist platform aircraft that have been designed have been designed by aircraft designers that are going for extremely capable aircraft, but ...

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