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Cage Truejet

12 Jun 2015, 08:36 UTC
Cage Truejet
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Second string substitute relief blogger john hare.
Some years ago I did a few posts about an air turborocket with the bladeing based on the squirrel cage fan. October of 2008 if you’re interested. Some varieties of the squirrel cage fan have blade geometries that are simultaneously useful as compressors and radial inflow turbines. By using the blades as compressors on 75% of the cycle and as turbines on 25% of the cycle, 100% of the incoming air regeneratively cooled the blades so they could run a considerably hotter turbine inlet temperature than normal. The higher the allowable temperature, the higher the available performance. The other benefit of this blade geometry is that all moving components were on a single wheel, which allows for massive weight reduction compared to conventional turbine based engines.
The downside of the concept is that the cycle doesn’t close. Using the same blade for outflow compressor and inflow turbine means that the turbine inlet pressure must be considerably higher than the compressor will deliver. It was only as an air turborocket that the concept works as originally conceived. As an air turborocket though, thrust/weight ratios of 25 are quite attainable with specific impulses of nearly ...

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