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Voyager Update: Maps and Maneuvers

8 Jun 2015, 21:18 UTC
Voyager Update: Maps and Maneuvers
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It has been a very busy few months for the Project Voyager team.
But the fruits of labor are finally starting to pay off. As of our weekly work session yesterday, we have officially succeed at creating orbital insertions within an accuracy of 1km. This may sound like a lot of error, but we also know where it is coming from, and intend to bring that error down by 3 orders of magnitude within the coming two weeks. We’ve also managed to prepare a variety of ship models, added in a number of important asteroids and comets, and make some big progress on our simulator.
So with that, here are the high-level updates on the different areas of Project Voyager!
Also – feel free to click on any of the images below. They are all high-res screenshots from Voyager.
The Map
Over the past month we’ve been focused on adding important and relevant comets and asteroids to the Voyager map. More are on the way, but we are starting slowly in this area because there are so many objects to account for, and we need to ensure that we are using accurate data before we begin importing more.

We ...

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