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Selenian Boondocks

Startups and Family Relations: An Analogy

7 Jun 2015, 04:23 UTC
Startups and Family Relations: An Analogy
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[Editor’s Note: I’ve been digging through old blog drafts a lot lately in my effort to find topics I can write about to keep up the blog-a-day pace while still leaving at least some time for a life. This blog post was from back in January 2006. At the time Masten Space Systems had been around for only about two years, it was still Dave, Pierce Nichols, me, Ian Moore, and Michael Mealling (the original crew). We were still up in Santa Clara, regularly driving up into the mountains east of the Bay Area to test our rocket engines. We didn’t move down to Mojave for another six months. I’m not entirely sure what triggered this blog post, and it wasn’t finished so I’ll have to give it a new ending, but I enjoyed some of the stories, so I figured I’d try to polish this off. I should clarify that at least right now I’m not finishing this off because I’m in the middle of some interpersonal drama, but because I think it’s a useful subject, and a post that should be completed.]
While I was on my mission in the Philippines, one of the lessons I learned was ...

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