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Revolutionary Consensus, Interpretation Rivalries

2 Jun 2015, 00:11 UTC
Revolutionary Consensus, Interpretation Rivalries
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There’s a lot of variation depending on how the question is asked, but physicists overwhelmingly agree fundamental changes to our best theories are coming.
The descriptions used are often vague and the terms vary, sometimes they call it “a revolution”, sometimes creation of “a deeper theory” into which current theories “will be incorporated”, “a transformation” and so forth. But whatever its called, it’s generally regarded as necessary, or even inevitable, and some leading physicists think it’s just around the corner…
Agreement on this comes not only from physics, but from those responsible for administering, planning, and what’s always a top priority: budgeting and allocating the $$$.

The U.S. Department of Energy, still a very big dog in physics research administration, compares this upcoming change to “Copernicus’ recognition that the earth is not the center of the solar system”, declaring it a “revolution” and “as dramatic as any that have come before.”

The need for this reinterpretation of our models is acknowledged not only within physics, but from the highest administrative levels in science generally. Reports like this 2007 overview from a blue-ribbon panel comprised of experts, (including from the physics community) said: “failure to encourage and to support revolutionary ...

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