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FTL Research, Philosophy, and Starship Congress 2015

9 Apr 2015, 02:44 UTC
FTL Research, Philosophy, and Starship Congress 2015
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Stephen Hawking, speaking at Google’s Zeitgeist Conference in the UK said:
“Philosophers have not kept up with modern developments in science. Particularly physics.”

There’s a lot of criticism like that from the top of the physics community, claims that philosophy doesn’t collect experimental data, that it’s useless to the working physicist, and so on.”
While people tend to hang on Hawking’s every word, I recall a particular lecture in which he explained with absolute certainty that the cosmological constant was somewhere between 0 and 1. A philosopher who criticized this certainty would not have been taken seriously. We will never know the decades and careers lost from failing to error-check such things.
Not suprising really… given the that The First Law of Philosophy is that for every philosopher, there is an equal and opposite philosopher. The Second Law states: …and they’re both wrong.In 2012, physicists Lawrence Krauss claimed that “…science progresses and philosophy doesn’t”, and Neil deGrasse Tyson infamously echoes such opinions.

Lots of high profile physicists make dead wrong claims about a subject in which they are not experts, repeating misperceptions even after philosophers keep correcting them. This is like listening to creationists repeatedly mischaracterizing evolutionary biology, when biologists ...

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